Student Lettings: Change over period Bristol 2018

The last week of June and the first week of July tend to be one of the most popular time for student lettings to change over from one year to another. This can usually involve chaos with students leaving items in the house after they vacate and with the house in worse shape than when they moved in.

Driving around Bristol it soon becomes clear which houses are student houses with most of these items ending up in the front garden or even worse the pavements. This is when good management of a residential house shines through. With all the managed properties on our books we always conduct inspections prior to move out to give the students a list of what needs to be done before they move out and make it clear that absolutely nothing can be left behind. It is crucial to have a clear and accurate inventory for the property which can be cross referenced at this point. 

The perfect partner for check outs, inventories and check-in’s is Magpie Inventory working closely with our sister company allows the process to run smoothly through check outs, cleans, inventory and check in, this then leads to = Happy Tenants and Happy Landlords.