Emergency repairs: 24 hours (Affecting health or safety e.g. dangerous electrical fault, blocked WC, no hot water, etc.) – This would constitute a call on the out of hours mobile

Urgent repairs: 5 working days (Affecting material comfort e.g. no heating or fridge failure, serious roof leak, etc.) – This would constitute a call on the out of hours mobile

Other non-urgent repairs: 20 working days. – This would be either a call into the office number during office hours or an email with pictures which would be more helpful.

Tenant’s responsibilities: The best rule to follow regarding the maintenance aspect of your property is that if you think you can google how to do something, chances are it is your responsibility. Minor jobs ie. Light bulbs blowing, bleeding radiators, topping up boilers with low pressure are all the responsibility of the tenants. If you are unable to do this, we can call out a contractor however you will be liable for the invoice.

Noise: Please respect your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum from 11.00pm onwards, if we receive any noise complaints these will be dealt with very seriously and will be escalated to the anti-social team at the council to deal with.

Cleanliness / Gardens : This is your responsibility as a tenant to upkeep the cleanliness of the property throughout the term of the tenancy, the property was professionally cleaned upon your arrival, and it would be expected that this is the condition it is given back in. If you are cleaning the property regularly it will make it easier to bring it back to this level at the end. The gardening would also be your responsibility

Recycling: You would be able to check your bin day online at : https://www.bristol.gov.uk/bins-recycling/ collection-day-finder

Winter months: Please make sure you are taking steps to avoid black mould which is most common over winter as it is due to the condensation within the property, you need to be heating and ventilating the property. We would suggest opening windows in the morning and wiping up any residual moisture on the windows. If you are experiencing black mould, you will need to treat this with the correct sprays, and it may be worth looking into purchasing a dehumidifier so reduce moisture within the property.


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