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Lets for Pets in Bristol

Finding a rental property in Bristol that will accept your pet can sometimes feel like an upward struggle, we do have landlords that are happy for pets to move into their properties and these would usually be either garden flats or houses with a garden. With over 12 million households being owning a pet in the UK and the private renting demand growing this is a large part of the market to which landlords should be open.

We have found that tenants with pets do tend to stay longer term within the property which is a good advantage for landlords who want the security of long-term tenants. If you are struggling to find a property please do get in touch and we can discuss any possible options we may have available.

So many individuals have pets that it’s difficult to imagine that they won’t be moving too when they rent a property. At JBS Lettings, we consider both pet owners and landlords who may want to permit pets in their properties.

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Finding a Pet-Friendly Property

Pet Reference

Demonstrate that you are a responsible pet owner by requesting a reference from a former landlord. Veterinary practices may also be able to vouch for you.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Moving a pet into a rented property without consent or applying pressure on your landlord to allow a pet once you have officially moved in will create ill-feelings, a possible violation of your contract, and in the worst-case situation eviction.


Leaving your house-hunting to the last moment may reduce your possibilities of locating a pet-friendly property. Review your notice period and make sure your requirements are obtainable within the appropriate timescale.


Landlord details

Leave us your details and we will phone you back!

This package would suit the landlord who wants to know their property is being looked after by a professional Bristol letting agent and does not want to get involved in the day-to-day property management. JBS Lettings Bristol is the highest-rated company offering property management services in Bristol because we deliver a quality customer experience and a fair price!

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