How Many People Live in Bristol?

This is quite a common question when first arriving into this beautiful city. Bristol is the largest city in the South West of the UK and is one of the ten “Core Cities: in Great Britain. Bristol is a highly diverse city that puts a great emphasis on cultural diversity, green initiatives and community inclusion. 

At the time of writing it is estimated that the population of Bristol is 463,400 . The number of people that live in Bristol is expected to exceed half a million by 2027 and there is more children under the age of sixteen than people of pensionable age living here. 

From the council key facts report from 2019 it was stated that housing market in Bristol was 53% owner occupied, 29% private rented and 18% social housing. With that in mind we can estimate that 134,386 people living in Bristol live in rented accommodation. 

 The city of Bristol is divided into various areas, which frequently overlap or have non-fixed borders. Some of the most popular areas in Bristol are:

 • Bishopton

 • The Harbourside 

 • Southville

 • Easton

 • Montpellier